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Class Action (or a representative action) is a form of lawsuit where a group of people who were all treated the same by the Courthouse imagedefendant, collectively bring a claim to court. A class action ensures that all victims receive fair and just relief, regardless of their ability to hire legal representation personally.

Gruber & Gruber has years of experience fighting for people who have been injured by a large company and need justice via class action.  Gruber & Gruber handled one of the few class actions approved after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and handled the ONLY class action arising out of the 1994 Northridge Earthquake.  Click here to learn more about Gruber & Gruber’s class action cases involving Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and click here to learn more about Gruber & Gruber’s class action case involving the Northridge Earthquake.

Gruber & Gruber has even litigated class action cases involving what may appear to be minor injustices but are not, such as when the firm represented consumers who purchased a certain type of defective shoe.  Gruber & Gruber was successful in receiving compensation in the form of new shoes for each and every person who purchased the defective shoe.

Gruber & Gruber has successfully litigated or is currently litigating several major class action lawsuits.  If you think your case may qualify for class action, contact Gruber & Gruber today for a Free Case Evaluation.

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