Digitek (digoxin) is a prescription drug used to treat heart failure and abnormal heart rhythms.  Digitek is available in tablet, capsule, liquid, and injectable forms.

Digitek is a registered trademark of Actavis Totowa (formerly Amide Pharmaceutical, Inc.) and is distributed by Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc., under a “Bertek” label and by UDL Laboratories, Inc. under a “UDL” label.

In May of 2008, a voluntary recall of Digitek tablets (only) was issued by Actavis Totowa.  The reason for the Digitek tablet recall, and not any of the other capsule, liquid, or injectable forms of Digitek, was due to the possibility that some of the tablets contained twice the approved dosage of the active ingredient itself, Digitek, and when ingested, can result in severe medical complications caused by Digitalis toxicity.  Digitalis toxicity side effects include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Low blood pressure
  • Cardiac instability
  • Bradycardia
  • Death

The existence of these “double-strength” Digitek (digoxin) tablets is clearly a manufacturer’s error, and the FDA has agreed that the all-lot recall is deemed a Class 1 recall, meaning that the defective Digitek (digoxin) tablets could indeed cause serious medical harm or even death.

Gruber & Gruber is currently accepting Digitek recall and Digitalis toxicity cases.  If you or a loved one has been prescribed Digitek (digoxin), and has experienced any of the above life threatening side effects, contact Gruber & Gruber today for a Free Case Evaluation and to learn of your legal rights and how we can help.

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